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    The eHMP Clinical Practice Environment is a web application that will ultimately perform many of the functions of the VA's Computerized Patient Record System (CPRS). The CPE utilizes VistA Exchange as its source of patient data via the VistA Exchange API (VX-API). The web application is developed as a Single Page Application using a custom web SDK. The SDK provides the following:

    • Application Development Kit (ADK) for UI development with Marionette/Backbone
    • Resource Development Kit (RDK) for developing REST services using Node/Express
    • VistA Exchange API (VX-API) for interfacing with the VistA Exchange patient record cache and VistA

    The SDK provides common cross cutting concerns including accessing the patient record, the ability to add incremental functionality to the web application through the development of applets, and the ability to develop new REST services against VistA Exchange.

    Electronic Health Management Platform (eHMP) is the replacement to the Computerized Patient Record System (CPRS) GUI.

    eHMP in FTL


    PDF about eHMP in FTL

    Download file "ftl-ehmp-2015.pdf"



    New development efforts require development to adhere to extending this new platform which is written largely in JavaScript using NodeJS, ExpressJS, Backbone, Underscore, Marionette, as well as other VA centric JavaScript libraries using the VistaCore SDK.

    eHMP SDK Access

    Developers will be provided access to the SDK when a ticket is submitted into the helpdesk system using the request type:

    Source Code -> GitHub Repository Access Request

    A GitHub username (not email address) will be needed to grant access. If a user doesn't already have a GitHub account, a free account can be created from here: http://github.com

    eHMP Developer Server Requests

    To request access to a server front-end for eHMP at this time it is necessary to go though your Innovation Coordinator. Once you or your team has been approved by contractual agreement or other means, request an eHMP Development Environment through the helpdesk system at: http://help.vaftl.us

    The ticket type should be: Sandbox -> Infrastructure -> Virtual Server -> New Custom Server

    For the description you must supply the Project ID, Project Description, and state a new eHMP Development Workstation is required.

    Additionally, all persons to have access to the server must provide the following information:

    Full Name, Email Address, Phone Number, GitHub Username, FTL/Sandbox Username (vaphsxxxx)

    Connecting to eHMP Development Workstation

    The following guide shows how to establish a connection with an eHMP development workstation in the Future Technology Laboratory (FTL)

    Download file "VHA FTL - Linux Remote Desktop Connections.pdf"

    Sample Server & Logins

    The FTL's eHMP instance is connected to two VistA sites, each with over 1600 patients, as well as mock DOD and VLER data. A demonstration site is available here which provides friendly browser based interaction and exploration of the REST API:
    The test data set also includes several hundred providers, including the VA Training set. Below is login information that can be used in the "authenticate" message. Each VistA login via REST requires an access code, a verify code and a site code. Think of it as "username" and "password" and "location".

    Access Code

    Verify Code


    mx1234 mx1234!! Clinician
    vk1234 vk1234!! Clinician
    tk1234 tk1234!! Pharmacist
    md1234 md1234!! Lab Tech

    Site Code


    9E7A Panorama
    C877 Kodak


    by ID (pid)

    Use the /patient-search/pid REST call to get info on a patient via Patient ID (pid) like:

    and just replace the pid with another you discover

    by First and Last Name



    Raw URL Request for Progress Notes

    Remove the returns and tab or just right click any part and copy the link under this text.


    Raw Data

    The data for the patients is available for download at

    Download file "vx_cache_20150619.zip"

    Each folder is a patient id (ICN is available, otherwise <site_id>-<dfn>). This zip file can be extracted and searched for particular instances of data. For example:

    ls -S ./*/*vital.json | head -n 20 | xargs grep total

    will return a sorted list of patients by number of vital records.



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