eHMP Overview

    3rd Party Development Team Welcome

    This page covers:

    • What is eHMP?
    • eHMP High-Level Goals and Objectives
    • eHMP Migration from CPRS
    • Description of Vista Exchange
    • Modularity and the eHMP Software Development Kit (SDK)
    • Link to SDK Documentation
    • Where To Go From Here

    What is eHMP?

    eHMP is a clinician facing application and is key in enabling seamless interoperability with Department of Defense (DoD) and other healthcare partners. The goal is to improve access to health care and provide an exceptional patient experience, every time (Blueprint for Excellence). The VA Blueprint for Excellence can be found at http://www.va.gov/health/docs/VHA_Blueprint_for_Excellence.pdf. eHMP gives clinicians streamlined access to Veterans' complete patient history from VA, DoD, and health partners displayed in a single, easy to use interface that is reliable, customizable, and secure. eHMP also offers clinical knowledge enrichment and clinical decision support services providing the correct data at the right time from the VA, DoD, and external partners.

    High-Level Goals and Objectives

    eHMP high-level goals and objectives are to:

    • Deliver a longitudinal electronic patient record and associated services that:
      • Supports an integrated user interface (UI)
      • Is patient centered
      • Enables clinicians to view and edit VA patient information in a format that is seamless and cohesive with the clinical workflow
    • Implement a methodology that supports rapid, user-driven development
    • Allow for sophisticated patient centered workflow management around tasks, consults and orders, and provides clinical decision support moving VA beyond Clinical Reminders

    eHMP Migration

    eHMP is designed to move beyond CPRS’ chart-like interface to a knowledge-driven tool set and to evolve away from long, static documents toward modular, interactive displays of smaller and more meaningful pieces of information. It also allows for incorporation ofadvanced, evidence-based design principles proven to improve users’ ability to find, understand, and use health information. eHMP allows users to interact with and organize information in novel, intuitive ways, as well as to support rapid, team-based development of user interface components.

    VistA Exchange

    VistA Exchange is the services engine, providing an enterprise Virtual Patient Record (eVPR) service optimized for eHMP. It allows for delivery of a single, common health record to be utilized throughout the continuum of care.

    VistA Exchange is a web service Application Program Interface (API) to access patient data. It retrieves, indexes, and aggregates clinicaldata from current VistA instances and eventually other data sources. It caches patient records to optimize performance, enrich documents by adding additional data to patient records, and normalizes the data from various sources by using standard terminology. Additional information on VistA Exchange can be found at https://ehmp.vaftl.us/resource/docs/vx-api/.

    Modularity and SDK in eHMP

    Development modularity and services will exist at multiple levels – user interface, middle tier, and data levels.

    The Software Development Kit (SDK) provides common capabilities across multiple components, including abilities to access patient records, to add incremental functionality to the web application through the development of applets, and to develop new Representational State Transfer (REST) services against VistA Exchange by third party integration partners. The SDK is comprised of:

    • Application Development Kit (ADK) to drive development of the client-side web application. JavaScript, backbone.js, marionette, bootstrap are used to build the ADK. Resulting application is a Single Page Application (SPA), static HTML served from web server (no J2EE server).
    • Resource Development Kit (RDK) to drive the development of service-side resources (web services) to support the web application.JavaScript and express.js. are used to build the RDK. Deploy to node.js relies on node package management (npm) for package management.

    Where To Go From Here

    On this page we have discussed eHMP and its high-level goals and objectives and why VA is migrating from CPRS to eHMP. VistA Exchange and a brief discussion of development modularity and the SDK were also covered. Please proceed to the next page for a description of the eHMP Application Development Kit (ADK) or feel free to use the following links to navigate to the desired destination.

    Next> eHMP Application Development Kit (ADK)

    3rd Party Development Team Welcome


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