Frequently Asked Questions

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    This page contains Frequently Asked Questions and Answers.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Platform specific FAQs are located at the following locations:

    Windows: http://wiki.vaftl.us/groups/ehmp/wiki/1bd6a/Windows_Platform_Frequently_Asked_Questions.html

    Mac OS X: http://wiki.vaftl.us/groups/ehmp/wiki/12b29/Mac_OS_X_Platform_Frequently_Asked_Questions.html

    Q. Where can I find eHMP software documentation:

    A. eHMP software documentation can be found at https://ehmp.vaftl.us/documentation/.

    Q Where can I find wiki pages for VistA Exchange API (VX API)?

    A. VX API wiki pages are located at https://vacloud.us/groups/vx/wiki/0dd9c/Getting_Started_with_VXs_REST_API.html.

    Q. What is CPRS?

    Computerized Patient Record System (CPRS) provides clinicians, managers, support staff, researchers, and others an integrated patient record system. VISTA software for Pharmacy, Lab, Radiology, Allergy Tracking, Consults, Dietetics, Progress Notes, Problem List, Scheduling, MAS (A/D/T), Kernel, FileManager, Vitals, PCMM, PCE, TIU, ASU and Clinical Lexicon packages was written or modified to support and communicate with CPRS. OE/RR was completely re-written. Together, these clinical components of VISTA provide a singleinterface for physicians to manage patient care and records, as well as an efficient means for others to access and use patient information. Additional information on CPRS can be found athttp://www.va.gov/vdl/documents/clinical/comp_patient_recrd_sys_%28cprs%29/cprssetup.pdf

    Q. What is OSEHRA?

    A. OSEHRA is a non-profit corporation that advances open source electronic health record software and related health information technology to offer the best possible products at the lowest possible costs. Further information on OSEHRA can be found at https://www.osehra.org/content/frequently-asked-questions-0#1.1

    Q. What is VistA

    A. Veterans Health Information Systems and Technology Architecture (VistA) is VA's award winning Health Information Technology (IT) system. It provides an integrated inpatient and outpatient electronic health record for VA patients, and administrative tools to help VA deliver the best quality medical care to Veterans. More information on VistA can be found at http://www.ehealth.va.gov/vista.asp

    Q. How do I connect to a VistA system and access a Mumps prompt to enter M code?

    A. Linux command descriptions and directions for accessing a VistA system in eHMP can be found at Connecting to VistA and Accessing a Mumps Prompt.

    Q. Is there a development environment available for me to preview?

    A. There is an FTL-hosted preview environment available upon request. For instructions on how to request and access a preview environment, go to eHMP Preview Environment.

    Q. When I run gradle deployAllDev, it fails in Project/vistacore/ehmp/product. What should I do?

    A. Try deploying the machines manually in the following order:

    $ gradle deployJdsDev
    If successful, run the next command...

    $ gradle deployMocksDev
    If successful, run the next command...

    $ gradle deployKodakDev
    If successful, run the next command...

    $ gradle deployPanoramaDev
    If successful, run the next command...

    $ gradle deployVxSyncDev
    If successful, continue with the installation guide instructions

    If any of the above commands fails,
    1. Re-run the command with the --debug flag. Example: gradle deployVxSyncDev --debug
    2. Save your terminal output and attach to this ticket.
    3. Find the stacktrace (at /Users/<USER_HOME>/.chef/cache/chef-stacktrace.out) and attach it to a new request ticket.

    Q. Where can I get raw patient data?
    A. The data for the patients is available for download at:

    Download file "vx_cache_20150619.zip"

    Each folder is a patient id (ICN is available, otherwise <site_id>-<dfn>). This zip file can be extracted and searched for particular instances of data. For example:

    ls -S ./*/*vital.json | head -n 20 | xargs grep total

    will return a sorted list of patients by number of vital records.

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