Connecting to VistA and Accessing a Mumps Prompt: 3

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    This page provides:

    • Instructions to connect to a VistA system and access a Mumps prompt to enter M code including:
      • Linux commands used
      • Directions for accessing a VistA System in eHMP

    Connecting to VistA and Accessing a Mumps Prompt

    eHMP currently utilizes Intersystem’s Cache database software. These commands are entered from the Linux command line.


    Cache software has the following commands we will be referencing (Not all subcommands are used):

    • ccontrol - This command controls each instance of Cache database

    The subcommands for ccontrol are:

    • ccontrol list – Lists the Cache instances. On eHMP this is usually called “Cache”.
    • ccontrol stop <instance name> – Stops the instance of Cache with the instance name specified
    • ccontrol start <instance name> - Starts the instance of Cache with the instance name specified
    • csession <instance name> - Used to log into the Mumps login to enter M commands directly into the VistA database

    Accessing a VistA System in eHMP

    Directions for accessing a VistA system in eHMP

    1. Determine which VistA environment you wish to access (panaroma, kodak, or other)
    2. Determine the IP address for that VistA host in your environment
    3. SSH into the VistA host you wish to access
    4. Type in “ccontrol list” at the Linux prompt to list Cache instances on this server. This instance is usually called “Cache”
    5. If the instance is running, skip to the next step. If it is not running, you will need to run “ccontrol start <instance name>” where <instance name> is the name of the instance name. Usually the command is “ccontrol start Cache”. This command requires root.
    6. To enter the Mumps prompt, type in “csession <instance name>” where <instance name> is the name of the Cache instance. This is usually “csession Cache”
    7. To exit the prompt, type in the usual Mumps exit command “halt”
    8. To exit the SSH session, type in “exit”

    For further assistance on this, please submit a ticket to FTL Web Help Desk at https://help.vaftl.us

    Where To Go From Here

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