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    Hello Communicators,

    The VHA Office of Communication along with the other administration communicators, has been asked to review the OPIA Handbook for updates. The handbook is on a quick turn around and due to OPIA by 1 December. In order to meet that time line we would like the VISN PA's to at a minimum look at the hand book and provide general comments. If you have time to provide more, please feel free. We would like comments finished by 19 Nov.

    There are two ways to view this document, but only one way that I would like you to edit. Below you'll find the handbook and it can be downloaded for review on your own time. I am asking for comments however to be made on the Wiki.

    I have broken the document down into individual chapters below and you should be able to edit there. The intent being everyone can see everyone one elses edits in near real time.

    If you have questions, feel free to send me a note at joe.yoswa@va.gov or call at 202-461-0356.

    Download file "PA Handbook_ver 9.doc"

    Things to consider when editing.....

    Table of Contents

    1. Community Relations
    2. Crisis Communications
    3. Customer Service
    4. Internal Communications
    5. Media Relations
    6. Digital and Social Media
    7. OPA Products and Services
    8. Public Affairs Legal Issues
    9. Public Affairs Planning
    10. Publicizing VA
    11. Special Events
    12. Written Communication